Thursday, March 15, 2007


Harry and Alicia here, blogging from the Politics Online Conference 2007. The first thing noticed is that there is an incredible breakfast display, clearly trying to impress the few young college students present (and we're oh so susceptible to food). I believe they do recognize that college students and business leaders alike ponder complex innovations better on full stomachs, so hopefully this is just the first part of an intriguing day----and at the very least the lunch spread should be something to see as well!


CV said...

The first day was very interesting. We are four people coming from Sweden, from the social democrats and the Trade Union Confederation.
I got a lot of ideas and inspiration from the discussions.
But there is one thing that really surprises us.
I listened to five seminars yesterday and there were totally in these seminars only two (yes 2) women.
Are there no women in Politics online in US?
I wrote something about that in my English blog:
yours sincerely

Oliver Zeisberger said...

Thanks for blogging all the sessions. It's a perfect way to figure out what i missed while actually sitting in only one of the sessions.