Thursday, March 15, 2007

On-Demand Politics: discussion

Andrew opened by talking about, but he entirely forgot what the website was called and had to Google it. To his credit though, it was pretty slick as it tracked campaign contributions for anyone within a given area.

and the discussion began----

Dan: "If you have got your data, and software as a service application running on the web..., there is huge leverage across Internet applications not built for campaigns."
If you plug in data, get instant results.
"Transorming, on an operational basis, the 2008 election cycle."

Jim: "Since we've moved to salesforce we've been able to give more access to more people."
"The ability to integrate is one of hte reasons we choice a service like"
It makes a company less relient on hiring very expensive programers.

Dan: "[Salesforce is] all point and click...The framework is already there."
"It really is a different business model."

Keith: He talked about reaching out to bloggers both for general marketing but especially for politics. "Bring them all in, it doesn't cost you much, in fact it might be free."
"From the add perspective we found it to be very successful."

Dan: "It's not about creating buzz, it's about running your campaign like a business."

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