Thursday, March 15, 2007

snagging a gift bag

So who knows if volunteers here are allowed gift bags, but no one could resist Alicia's charm so we got a couple easily. The Washington Post gave us both a coffee mug, we got a pen from Comcast, and there's a "vote democratic" bumper sticker...I wonder how the Republican presenters feel about that (including Patrick Ruffini--Advsior for New Strategy for Mayor Rudy Giuliani's Presidential Exploratory Committee).

I'm actually very interested in seeing whether the partisan lines can really be split here. There's been so many scandals highlighted by the left side of the blogosphere lately that there may be some resentment from the right. Then again, the Internet is just a series of tubes and the NSA is watching what we all type anyways, so we're probably in a bind as is.

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