Thursday, March 15, 2007

Keynote Speaker: Elliot Schrange, VP Global Communications, Google Inc.--quotes and notes

"There is a consensus now that the Internet is revolutionizing politics."
"We are committed to fostering the change."

main points of speech:
1. to learn about what you are doing
"getting out the messages you want to get out"
2. where we take these tools and go with them
3. what we are Google are planning.

"As pioneers of online politics you guys are showing the innovative way to use the services."
"To make the Internet the epicenter, ground zero of politics"

"We are hopeful that our tools can improve the politics process."
"How do we promote political particiipation without preferences." They see this as their corporate social responsibility.

"We talk a lot about how our mission is democratizing information."
"What we are doing with you is democratizing the political dialogue."
"People have access to a universal audience to get their points across very quickly."

"How do we provide a platform for free expression without exasperating the ugliness?"
He discussed how they refused to take down a horrible video involving John Edward's son because they feel they just couldn't.

He played a video of some of the most popular presidential candidate videos on youtube and other funny political clips making fun of the process.

"The first and most apparent benefit is transparency."
"You see candidates as they really are."
"It gives candidates a new way to explain themselves."
"Candidates are held to their history, to their statements, and to their actions."

"It makes it easier for voters to join the electoral process."
"It makes it easier for candidates to find new supporters and micro target long term voters."

"All of us together have a chance to shift the power base of electoral politics."
"In order to broaden it, to raise the dialogue, to put a modern spin on government of the people, by the people, for the people."

"We are redefining boundaries when it comes to the personal lives of candidates and their families."
"The downside of accountability is giving you guys too much power." He spoke about the Obama madrassa smears beginning on the Internet and spreading vastly.

"I have no doubt that there will be reports of political spyware in the upcoming elections."
"There is an awful lot going on and we're not sure where it's going to go."

"Our tools are as powerful as you make them. We recognize that."
"[We want you to] harness our tools and allow you to get in better touch with your constituents."

"I am the man who was the human pinata before the human affairs committee."
"My background is in the human rights field."
"I feel very strongly that we made the right decision when it comes to China."
"The decision ultimately came down to are we going to be able to be more helpful in contributing to the development of free offering services in china, or by not doing so."
"I would have to say, in all honesty, it has been very difficult since we have been there."
"the one thing that i would just ask all of was not a commercial decision purely. Certainly it's an important was a thoughtful process and it's not a process that is over, it's a process that we continue to develop. Stay tuned, and we may have to stay tuned for a while."